Are you interested in getting on the Plan? We have monthly cleaning plans for both swimming pools and spas so that either one will be ready to go when you are.

Pool Cleaning

Is your pool in need of a good cleaning? Tired of cleaning your pool yourself. Let the professionals at McMillion Pool Company keep your pool crystal clean for you. With monthly service plans tailored to fit your needs we know that we can come up with a pool cleaning solution you’re gonna love. So call us today and experience the difference.

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Spa Cleaning

Do you hate keeping your spa clean but just love the chance to soak in all that warm water with the spa jets to help you relax? McMillion Pool Company has your solution. Let us keep your spa clean for you. With monthly service plans to fit your needs our spa cleaning service will have your spa ready to go when you are.

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Pool Repair

Is your swimming pool in need of repair ? There is more to a pool than most people realize and if you don’t have much experience in keeping it clean there are a number of ways you can damage it.  If you think your pool equipment is not operating properly  call the McMillion Pool Company at 615-568-3826.  We’re experts when it comes to swimming pool maintenance and repair.

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